Born on 1 October 1970 and formally established by Presidential Decree no. 1184 of 15 March 1973, the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari has, over the years, firmly strengthened its potential, sensibly implemented the number of subscribers, enhanced the professionalism of the teaching staff, working actively and consistently in the field visual arts, multimedia, graphics, entertainment.

Today at the Academy are active Schools of Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Set Design and Graphics are set up the three-year and specialist degree courses, but it must be said that the work of students' education was not addressed only to the traditional areas but was extended to a span of disciplines ranging from the study of the territory of the investigation techniques and structures of mass communication, from those designed to train professionals working in the field of theater, film and television to graphic design, from teaching art to the various aspects of digital culture, always alternating the unavoidable theoretical skills essential to the exercise of the practice, followed by the classroom activities of field testing moments, which were complemented by numerous exhibition activities organized by the different schools also in collaboration with other Italian academies, in order to give visibility to the outcomes of the work of teachers and students. The good functioning of the institution was guaranteed by the commitment Constant and expertise of teachers, including artists and scholars nationally known as Roberto de Robertis, Peter Zuffi, AmerigoTot, Francesco Somaini, Nicola Carrino, Raffaele Spizzico, Fernando de Filippi, Thomas Conenna, Michele de Palma, Peter Marino, Pia Vivarelli and others.

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