What is the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is the symbol of a new generation of students: mobile and active!

ESN issues every year more than 120.000 cards all over Europe.

Local level

At local level, the ESNcard is a membership card, it allows you to participate in the ESN activities and to use the discounts with shops, bars and so on. Moreover, as an ESN member, you will be updated about our activities. You can always count on our support. Discover our discounts!

National level

You can use your ESNcard to get the benefits of national agreements. For Italy, these agreements are established and mantained by ESN Italia www.esnitalia.org

International level & card activation

At international level you can register your ESNcard on www.esncard.org. Besides being able to see all the discounts in Europe, you will have a chance to claim several vouchers for special services or contests.

How can I get an ESNCard?

You can get an ESNcard at our ESN office. The cost for the ESNcard is just 10 EUR. Please bring a photo to be used on the card. Check the opening hours of the office here on the website! In order to speed up all the process at the ESN Office. 

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