Bari, the third largest town in southern Italy, is the regional capital of Puglia.

The City of Bari is an ancient and young city at the same time because it hosts a large number of students, who always  lighten up the mood. Bari houses a large number of faculties and universities: Politecnico, Aldo Moro, Accademia delle Belle Arti and LUM (which is located in Casamassima, a small town 25 kilometers from Bari).

In Bari there are several districts: Murat, Carrassi, Libertà and Madonella.
The neighbourhood of Murat includes the city center and the Aldo Moro university; Carrassi is close to the Politecnico and Policlinico (the Hospital/University of Medicine); Libertà is very close to the city center and well connected to the universities thanks to an efficient transport network; last but not least the district of  Madonella is very close to both the beach and the city center, quite near to Aldo Moro and Politecnico but badly connected to the faculty of Economy and the other faculties.
Where do most of the people go out? Generally speaking, people go out in the old town where there are a lot of coffee shops, pizzerias and ice cream shops.
Try our typical food: Panzerotto, Focaccia, Sgagliozze, raw sea food and drink with us  the famous beer called Peroni!
The best experience of your life starts from Bari.
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